Ghetto Hikes EP

by O Captain

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released June 26, 2014



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O Captain

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Track Name: Summer Party Jam
I don’t work all day for you to keep me up all night. Though I’ll admit it’s me that’s changed, you can’t hold it against me. 72 fucking hours every weekend, just wishing it would end (you can carry on without me).

It’s not that I don’t want to be friends just that the terms need to change. We’re overdue growing up, why don’t you try it with me? Can’t think of anything worse than not leaving a legacy. Mate, now’s for the living, why don’t you try it with me?

Turn out the bright lights, you may not be remembered but you’ll be loved in your own time.
Track Name: The Union
She said you’re far too vain to love a girl like me, au contraire sweetheart, I’m far too vain to even love myself these days. So, to the bar for stronger drinks. For glancing girls and a taxi ride to hers, in the vagaries of sex my emotions lay un-stirred.

Oh sweetheart, you treat me like a runaway. So get up, get me where I’m going. (Oh I’m going, I’m gone).

All those other girls, their gossip unperturbed, they know more of you and I than the moments passing by. It’s written in my long walk home. It’s written in your sheets as they grow cold. So when this doesn't last, just leave me confined to the past.
Track Name: A New Year
What a roller-coaster this year has been. I lost some friends, tried to find a release. Still not easy in my own company, but I've been as bad as I could ever be.
I lost my cool, I lost my love. ‘Bout £40k and a sense of direction. I’m sorry Dad, I know it hurt, but you've been more than even a Father’s worth.

For even wishing for oblivion; no thought for who I might have hurt. It still aint easy from time to time but I’ll try to get it right.
I’ll fall back in love with everything from the sweating crowd to the filthy street. For the friends who always stood by me please know that in my heart’s a place you’ll always be.

Let’s make this year better than the last.